Why Romelu Lukaku is destined to succeed at Manchester United

5. Premier League experience

It is not that Lukaku is playing in the Premier League for the first time. He has been here for quite some time playing for both Chelsea, West Bromwich Albion and Everton. Lukaku is fully aware of the physicality involved in the Premier League, and that is a very important factor. Players struggle to adapt in the league, but that will not be the case with Lukaku. He has flourished very well up front playing for different teams in England, and it shouldn’t be any different with United. With his quality up front, Lukaku is expected to become a beast of a striker at United and take them to more success with time.

4. Development

Mourinho’s coaching staff are one of the best in the business. They know how to train a young talented player, and Lukaku will surely benefit from that. If Lukaku manages to work well on his first touch and consistency, he sure has the potential to become one of the best players in the world, that too at United.

3. Link up with Pogba/Rashford

We are very well aware of Lukaku’s off the field rapport with Paul Pogba. The Belgian and the Frenchman bond very well and it is about time that it will be soon seen on the pitch. Pogba’s excellent passing and vision can be very handy as Lukaku tends to make runs off the shoulder of defenders and if the duo manage to gel well they can become something dangerous. Also, Lukaku was found stating how he has bonded very well with Rashford and with the young, raw talent both these players possess they can be quite explosive together for United in the near future.

2. Exactly what United needed

United have missed a quality striker up front for quite some time now. We saw how effective Zlatan Ibrahimovic was with his quality last season. United need a strong figure up front to hold the ball well and terrorize the opposition by his strength and finishing abilities, and Lukaku sure has those abilities, and he can make a huge difference to United’s goal scoring problems as they were last season.

1. One of the best young strikers

It is safe to say that not many young strikers have been as effective as Lukaku in the past few years. Harry Kane and Paulo Dybala can be added to the list, therefore, showing what a gem of a player United have signed. Lukaku can only go upwards from here in his career, and that is what will help both United and himself.