Why Manchester City can retain the premier league title?

  1. Impressive start:

In spite of the fact that Manchester City had quite a few players in the World Cup and that they haven’t had enough time to play in the pre-season, City have looked quite good. After a thundering 6-1 win against Huddersfield Town, City definitely look very deadly going forward. City’s attack was their strength last season and it sure does look the same this season and if they are allowed to be this brutal in front of the goal, City are very likely to win the title again this season.

  1. Strong depth in squad:

The best thing Pep Guardiola has done since taking over as Manchester City’s manager is brought in quality backups to better the already superb City squad. City almost have an excellent replacement in almost every position in the starting XI. The addition of Riyad Mahrez this season only adds more depth and threat to City’s attack. And it is not just the Premier League, City have a very good chance of winning the Champions league given the squad they have.

  1. Blend of youth and experience:

The City squad has a terrific mixture of both young and experienced players. With the likes of Kompany and Otamendi at the back, Fernandinho and Silva in the midfield and Kun Augero in front of the goal, City have great experience. To add to that, youngsters like John Stones, Laporte at the back, Kevin De Bruyne, Leroy Sane and Sterling in the midfield and Gabriel Jesus upfront City have some very good prospects. This gives Pep Guardiola a lot of options to play with and difficult for the opposition to contain.

  1. The Pep Guardiola effect:

No matter how much he achieves, Pep Guardiola is always a hungry manager to win more. In spite of the fact that City easily won the title last season, it would only instigate Guardiola more to go stronger this season to retain the title. Pep with his relentless training methods, opposition study and technicality is going to be very handy for the Blues in order to once again win the title.

  1. Too much individual brilliance:

We have seen in the Premier League that against oppositions who defend deep it is sometimes the individual brilliance that becomes the difference maker. In that case, City are immensely blessed courtesy Pep’s smart transfer buys and also because of the stunning squad they already had. Big individual characters like Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne and others will play a massive part in crunch matches and having more than one difference maker in the team gives City a big chance to retain the Premier League title this season.