Why Liverpool won the Champions League?

They have the required star players

Liverpool’s arsenal of star players is enviable and boats some of the biggest names in the Football world at the moment. The first name that sprigs up when discussing the Mersyside’s talent pool is their Egyptian striker Mohammad Salah who is a world class player with tremendous dribbling skills, speed and more often than not finishing. He is projected to be a star player for even the greatest of teams in the world like Barcelona or Real Madrid. Another workhorse in the Liverpool bastion is Sadio Mane who is also a great player. He is popular among the fans which has only increased after his European hat-trick this season. Firmino has been a strong player for the side as well van Dijk whose performance came as a surprise but was welcome. They are still fielding some weak links but no team only consists of star players and Liverpool has the requisite talent to take on Europe’s best.


All other players have proved that they belong

Liverpool has no doubt fielded a lot of big names in European football this season but they have also fielded some less popular ones. The first name that sprigs to mind is James Milner. The 32 year old Englishman has been a powerhouse and has delivered some blistering performances. Mane is still the best player in the midfield but Milner has no doubt proved his worth. He does not look like your typical Champions League winner and it would be a surprise if Zidane declared that Milner was the exact player to save Real Madrid’s European season. But given his performances he was Liverpool’s saviour. Another name on the list is Liverpool local 19 year old Trent Alexander-Arnold who has impressed upon a lot of fans with his performances. Andrew Robertson has also been great for the Reds and though they might not be the typical Champions League winning ensemble, if they kept their performances up, they could very well go all the way and that is what they did.


They have excellent track record against the big teams

Liverpool’s track record with the big teams in European football has been stellar with them beating Manchester City 4-3 in one of the greatest games of the season. They followed that up with a 1-0 loss to Swansea and a 3-2 loss to West Brom. This sums up Liverpool’s season performances. But they have tremendous attacking potential and if they get the ball on the break with Firmino, Salah and Mane linking up perfectly they could score against any team in the world no matter what back four or five they play against. Their play style does not suit teams which sneak a goal in and sit 11 players in their half all defending. They are good at counter attacks and pushing on the break and all the big teams do not sit with all their players in the defence line. They attack and press their opponents and Liverpool thrive in situations like these. Manchester City is the projected Premier League winner this season and Liverpool has successfully triumphed against them. They could beat any of the teams in the top 16.


They had Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp has been through these situations before and has successfully taken Borussia Dortmund to a UEFA Champions League Final. Therefore, he has experience and in this game experience goes a long way. He has the ability to act and react to situations and make the best decisions at that point of time. Jurgen Klopp has had first-hand experience and knows what it takes to go far in the competition.


Liverpool’s history

They have been at the top of the European Football not once or twice but five times before this and given it is a small psychological boost it still helps the team morale and performance. They just need another Istanbul performance and it is true that it was 13 years ago and the team has been completely replaced by new players but still the new players represent a class of players who have fought and won at the highest of levels and that amounts to something. The fans have watched their team before and that will give them the incentive to believe in this new one. Fan support is a moral victory and Liverpool being one of Europe’s greats have that in loads which worked in their favour.