Why Cristiano Ronaldo should consider leaving Real Madrid?

5) Age

While the Portuguese might still believe that he will a top player till the age of 41, the reality might hit him hard. His performances have been immaculate without a shadow of a doubt, but a lot of it has been down to the amount of rest he has been given by the now ex-manager, Zinedine Zidane, who rotated as much as he could to keep Ronaldo fresh for the games that really mattered. As he grows older with each passing season, the former Manchester United man will find it increasingly difficult to find himself warming the bench more often than not because of the fighter he has been over the years. He has been the embodiment of hard work in his career, having reached the pinnacle of the game so early in his career and has stayed atop for more than a decade. But you either die a hero or stay long enough to see yourself become a villain.

4) He has won everything in Spain

2 La Liga titles, 4 champions league title, 2 Copa Del Rey titles among many others is what Ronaldo’s trophy cabinet looks like if he today decides to pull curtains on his time at Real Madrid. Such has been the enormous success Ronaldo has been since arriving at the club in the summer of ’09 from Manchester United. He was primarily brought in to end Real’s wait for La Decima and now Real have won 4 titles in last 5 years alone. Ronaldo has conquered Spain and it will be like a fairy tale ending if he were to leave Real now.

3)He has broken all sorts of records

The remarkable thing about Ronaldo’s time at Real has been that alongside the myriad honours Real have won during his time at the club, Ronaldo has also proliferated his individual account of trophies. He has broken virtually every single record at the club. He has the record for scoring most goals in a single Champions league campaign, is the fastest player to score 200 and 250 goals for Real Madrid and is also the club’s all-time leading goalscorer. He will certainly leave behind a legacy and just like Manchester United have found it to be, Real too will find it incredibly difficult to replace the no 7 jersey when one day, Ronaldo does indeed leave.

2)Its time for a new challenge

The craving for La Decima at Real was so much that Perez was willing to spend as much as it would take to bring the title back to Madrid. Having accomplished that back in 2014, Real have since added 3 more titles to their cabinet and the competition seems more and more to be Real’s lucky charm. The season was a major disappointment by all means, exposing Real’s lack of cohesion and dependency on Ronaldo. If not for the Champions league title, Zizou might just have faced the sack too. Nevertheless, Real once again won the title and now the same question comes to everyone’s mind that what next for Real? It’s hard enough to find motivation for a title after having won it a season before, but to have won it 3 times in a row, what do Real aim for next. Ronaldo too must be envisaging the same thought and the answer could be that it is indeed the time for a new challenge.

1) Is Ronaldo really respected at Real Madrid?

After having lead the team to culmination, it isn’t exactly the question one must think of. But such is the scenario at Real Madrid, that their all time top scorer has faced the wrath of the fans. A poll earlier in the season showed that sections of the Madridstas were apparently okay with the idea of letting Ronaldo leave next season. It is unthinkable that such could ever be the case at Manchester United, where he is still a hero many admire despite having left the club a decade ago.