What makes Sir Alex Ferguson the greatest manager ever?

  1. Decision making:

With great powers come great responsibilities, which is quite a known fact now but a very difficult thing to sustain. Great leaders have always been very impressive and blunt with their decision making and the same goes with Sir Alex. He was excellent with his decision making especially with the tough ones. Letting the likes of David Beckham, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Cristiano Ronaldo etc. go in spite of their importance was some tough but great decisions. Bringing on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Teddy Sheringham to win the treble in Barcelona too was a brilliant act by Sir Alex. It is his decision making that distinguished him from most managers.

  1. Man-management:

Manchester United always have had big names in their squad and that is never an easy thing to manage them and keep them at peace. Sir Alex was quite an artist with his man-management. With players of different characters like Eric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roy Keane, Paul Scholes etc. there was never a time Sir Alex looked out of control. He managed to keep everyone at the club at peace and motivated each individual to play at his maximum ability. This is something very necessary to manage big egos at big clubs.

  1. Tactical brilliance:

Sir Alex managed to surprise many with his tactical brilliance in his early stages of management. With his bold decision making and the never-die attitude helped Sir Alex make some exciting changes tactically on and off the field. He always encouraged his players to be attacking especially when the team was trailing and probably that is why we have seen a lot of goals in the “Fergie time”. It is amazing how Sir Alex managed to pull a rabbit off his hat almost every single time the fans wanted him to.

  1. Won consistently:

Nowadays, it is seen that no team succeeds to be consistently successful in the Premier League. When Sir Alex came to England, he was eager to rule out Liverpool’s dominance. Not only did he succeed in doing that but he managed to take United to Premier League victories on a regular basis. In the process, he managed to make four different brilliant teams at United and won 38 trophies in his 27 years at the club, which is a feat difficult to match by any current manager.

  1. Backbone of Manchester United’s identity:

The very reason why United are called “Comeback Kings” is because Sir Alex’s team never lost hope and came out winning with flying colors late in the game. United as a club have never backed down even after the Munich tragedy and Sir Alex was responsible to give a whole new identity to the club with the domination in the league and some ruthless attacking. To make United so much successful with a group of young and experienced lads on a consistent basis is something one cannot stop admiring. It is only right that Sir Alex is termed as the greatest manager ever after such a historic spell at United.