What makes Real Madrid the most successful football club ever?


Real Madrid is the most consistent performer in European history and one can hardly argue over it. The 70s had the Ajax and Liverpool, a decade later it was Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Inter Milan ruled during the 90s and early 2000s. Manchester United had shared European glory as well before being taken over by Barcelona, but no one could ever match the feat of Real Madrid. 13 European Cup titles, a record that seems unimaginable to beat, and mind you they will vie for it again next year. Realistically Barcelona or Bayern Munich can come close as AC Milan and Inter Milan are still fighting through transition.

Playing every year with such consistency is hard to believe, and the best part is they fielded the same XI against Liverpool as they did against Juventus in Cardiff. The year before Gareth Bale started the game and Isco was on the bench. It is astonishing to see such consistency from a team.


Their midfield dominance

Forwards hog the limelight with all the goals scored, but the engine of any team lies in its midfield and blessed be Real Madrid to have such a dominant quartet of Isco-Modric-Kroos-Casemiro. Modric or Godric is currently the best midfielder in the World, and there may be other midfielders who are playing sensationally, but very few players could match Modric’s ability to be immune to high pressing. He seems to carve out spaces out of nowhere, and his biggest trait is helping the defence. When Carvajal was subjected to a Ribery show it was Modric who helped him out, and in the second leg when Vazquez had to play right back it was Modric again cutting out any danger.

Kroos is the real-life version of Cyborg. His demeanour is something to admire and his passing accuracy matches that of Sergio Busquets and Xavi. He is not blessed with dribbling abilities or pace, but his technical abilities like any German midfielder paired with his vision and range makes him World Class. Isco is the real deal and Madrid would be foolish to let him leave anytime soon. He wasn’t as effective against Liverpool as he was against Juventus, but he can change the game with his silky skills in a minute.

Casemiro is the Hulk to their midfield Avengers. A beast of a defensive midfielder, Casemiro may not be the prettiest of players, but he is a vital cog to this Madrid midfield. Perez had made the mistake of letting Seedorf leave, but he should not make another mistake of letting Casemiro get away.


A team full of superstars

Real Madrid’s first choice XI is a tad unique in a way that every player in every position is equally valuable to their national team barring Karim Benzema after the scandal. This is how good Real Madrid players are and their bench is something to envy. Kovacic, Asensio, Bale, and Vazquez could easily be starters for any other big team in Europe. They have a squad that boasts of players who could win them games even after coming late in the game. Zidane’s rotation policy was haywire during the start of the season, but he got his mojo back and the epitome of his policies? Well, watch Bale’s stunner against Liverpool.