Unknown facts and stories about Zlatan Ibrahimovic

5. A French burger is named after Zlatan:

Zlatan has always been a fan favorite and the situation was no different when he played for Paris Saint Germain in France. He was adored by fans there and it was this love that encouraged a café in the Parisian suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt to name a burger after the Swedish striker. Doddy’s café serves a huge burger of 600 grams named as ‘Le Zlatan’. It is quite a crowd favorite as it consists of minced beef with onions along with three types of cheese including Emmental, cheddar and Auvergne Blue. Till date only seven people have been able to finish it.

4. Only player in the history of Champions League to score with six different clubs:

Having played for different clubs in different countries, the Swedish superstar has achieved a lot in his career. That being said, Zlatan has never been a part of a Champions League winning squad. He has scored for six different clubs in the Champions league namely Ajax, Barcelona, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan and PSG but yet to win it. Manchester United can be the seventh club he scores for in the Champions League and if all goes well, United might become the first club with whom he wins this prestigious tournament.

3. Scarface movie lover:

Footballers love entertainment especially movies and games. Zlatan is no different than other footballers in this case. Out of all the movies Zlatan has watched, Scarface remains as his favorite movie. The movie starred Al Pacino as Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee who goes on to become a powerful druglord. Zlatan also went on to say that if he was to invite anyone for dinner it would be Al Pacino.

2. Friendship with Maxwell:

One cannot say that Zlatan is a friendly person with the nature he possesses. That being said, his and Maxwell’s friendship is one special one. The pair met at Ajax in 2001 on Zlatan’s first day at the club. There on their friendship began and initially Maxwell took a lot of care of Zlatan considering how spendthrift he was at that time. Both have contrasting natures and may be that is what helps them get along. They have played for different clubs together and it is very well known that Zlatan regards Maxwell very highly.

1. Zlatan being nutmegged:

Zlatan is not an easy figure to beat given his strong and huge presence on the field. We don’t see him getting nutmegged that often but it was a different case when Lille faced PSG. PSG were struggling to dominate the game and it was then when Zlatan was pressing high and got nutmegged by Lille’s Aurelien Chedjou. Zlatan had a wide smile after the incident but surprisingly PSG ended up winning 1-0 courtesy an own goal by Chedjou.