Top 3 all-time highest goal scorers of the Premier League Big Six

Manchester United

One of the most decorated clubs of English football, the Theatre of Dreams has housed some of the greatest names of the game. Footballers from all around the globe have dreamed of playing for Manchester United. Here are the top 3 goal scorers for this club:

Denis Law- scoring an outstanding 237 goals in 404 matches, the Scottish centre forward comes in the third position of all-time scorers. Having spent 11 seasons at the clubs, the former Red Devils forward along with George Best and Bobby Charlton formed a devastating trio.

Bobby Charlton- coming in the second position, this all-time great, scored a record 249 goals in another record 758 appearances. Along with Best and Law, he formed a trio of goal scoring machines.

Wayne Rooney- United’s all-time leading goal scorer with 253 goals is Wayne Rooney. The former United forward spent a glorious time at Manchester having won 5 league titles.


Another well known club with a knack for winning titles, Chelsea has had their share of elite scorers. Let us see the 3 all-time top scorers of Chelsea:

Kerry Michael Dixon- Having scored 193 times in 420 matches, Dixon ranks 3rd in all-time scorers list for Chelsea. The striker enjoyed a good season before his departure in 1992.

Robert Victor Tambling- Having netted 202 times in 370 matches, Tambling is one of the highest scorers for Chelsea. He is still their league all-time highest scorer with 164 goals.

Frank Lampard- one of the best midfielders of all-time, Lampard is Chelsea’s all-time highest scorer with 211 goals. He did not look back after joining Chelsea in 2001 and has been one of their most prolific players.


One of the all-time great clubs, the Gunners, have been one of the dominant clubs since 2000. Here are the top 3 all-time scorers for Arsenal:

Clifford Sydney Basin- with 178 goals in 396 matches, Sydney Basin is in the 3rd place of the all-time scorers list.

Ian Wright- with 185 goals in just 288 appearances, Ian Wright was a menace for the opponents. In the seven seasons, Wright became an Arsenal legend.

Thierry Henry- the best Arsenal player period. A legend of the game, Henry is the club’s all-time highest scorer. With 228 goals in 376 matches, Henry spent 8 years at Arsenal rightfully earning a place among the greats.


Maybe now Liverpool is the butt of many jokes, but the club has a rich history. This also might be the season, where Liverpool breaks their 28 year drought. Here are the top three scorers for the Reds:

Gordon Hodgson- the English footballer played 377 games for Liverpool and went on to score 241 times for them.

Roger Hunt- with 286 strikes in 492 appearances, Hunt was one of the prolific scorers for the Reds. He even won several major trophies with the club.

Ian James Rush- the best forward to have played for Liverpool, Rush netted 346 times for Liverpool in two career stints for the club. Having spent over 14 seasons with the club, Rush is Liverpool’s all-time highest scorer.


The Citizens won the Premier League in one of the most dramatic fashions ever. They have a horde of outstanding players who are hunting for another title this season. The top scorers for City are:

Tommy Johnson- the left footed striker enjoyed an eventful 11 seasons at City having scored 166 times in 354 matches.

Eric Fred Brook- one of the finest strikers of the game, Brook scored 179 times for the Citizens. He was a versatile player with a lethal right foot. He is in the second position in the all-time scorers list.

Sergio Aguero- one of the best strikers of recent times, Aguero, scored the memorable goal against QPR to win the league for City. Having scored 213 times and is sure to add more to the tally, Aguero is one of the all-time greats.

Tottenham Hotspurs

Another club who have agonizingly come close to winning the league title many times, Tottenham have their list of all-time greats. Here are their 3 all-time top scorers:

Martin Chivers- Having spent 8 season at the club, Chivers scored 174 goals for the Lilywhites. He is considered one of the best players to have played for the team.

Bobby Smith- with 208 strikes in 317 appearances, Smith spent 11 years at the club and in the process became one of their most important players.

Jimmy Greaves- Tottenham’s highest scorer with 266 goals, Jimmy Greaves is one of the best strikers of the game. Having won 2 FA cups with the club, Greaves has also been inducted in the Football Hall of Fame.