Richest football clubs as of 2019

10  Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur were ranked 11th following the 2017-18 season in which they finished third on the Premier League table. They posted 23 wins, 8 draws and 7 losses at the end of 38 matches in the 2017-18 season securing 77 points. They are being featured on the Money League list for the second time in history the first being their 2006-07 edition. This is the clubs best performance till date with them displacing Italian powerhouse Juventus from the 10th spot. They were just shy of the spot with their 2016-17 revenue amounting to 359 million euros.

There are legit reasons for this jump in club revenue with one of them being aggregate league attendance with their tally coming up just short of Manchester United aggregate league attendance. They also made a deal with Nike which helped them a lot on the revenue front. They racked up 116.5 million euros from commercial sources, 222.6 million euros from broadcasting rights and 85.2 million euros from matchday earnings getting their cumulative tally to a 428.3 million euros in the 2017-18 season.

9  Arsenal

Arsenal has come up with a less than average performance in the 2017-18 season finishing 6th on the Premier League table which has seen them take major hit in their revenue rating on the Money League performance. They have posted 19 wins, 6 draws and 13 losses to bring their points tally to 63 in the 2017-18 season. This has seen their revenue dip from 487.6 million euros in the 2016-17 season to a significantly depleted 439.2 million in the 2017-18 season. Last year they finished at 6th which has jumped to 9th this year. The major hit was missing out on UEFA Champions League season which saw their broadcast earnings take a 18.4 million euro hit. They amassed  206.9 million euros from broadcast rights, 120.7 million euros from commercial sources, and 111.6 million euros from matchday earnings. Unai Emery has brought some life back to the club since then but it does not look too good for the Gunners in the coming season.

8  Chelsea

Chelsea saw a massive increase in their revenue front with them getting back on the UEFA Champions League season. They made leaps on the broadcasting front due to Champions league matches. They obtained 230.5million euros from broadcast rights, €191.8million euros from commercial sources, and 83.4million euros from matchday earnings. They also made a deal with Nike which made their revenue that much stronger. But inspite of a massive rise in total revenue by as much as 77.7 million euros they remain stuck at the 8th spot for the 4th consecutive season. Hyundai also made a deal with the club for a shirt sleeve which bolstered their revenue game. The coming season is looking bleak for the Blues though as they will not be playing the Champions League in 2018-19.

7 Liverpool

Liverpool produced a very strong on-field performance in the 2017-18 edition of the English Premier league and this saw them rise two spots from 9th to 7th on the Money League list. The most prominent reason for their jump in position as well as revenue is perhaps the Reds making their way to a Champions League final in the last 11 years. The total revenue increased by 89.5 million euros which the largest increase in revenue by a team on the Money league list top 10 ever. Of their earnings 251.3million euros came from broadcast rights, 170.8million euros came from commercial sources, and 91.6million euros from matchday earnings. With them putting up such brilliant performances on-field Liverpool looks to get better in the coming season emerging as the strongest title challenger.


6  Paris Saint-Germaine

PSG finished in the top spot in Ligue 1 which has helped them a lot in jumping up a spot with a total increase in revenue of 55.5 million euros from 486.2 million euros in 2017 to 541.7 million euros in 2018. They have also signed on global football superstars like Mbappe and Neymar Jr. which saw a hike in their commercial revenue. They have racked up 313.3 million euros from commercial sources, 127.8 million euros from broadcast rights, and 100.6 million euros matchday earnings. A commercial co branding deal with Air Jordan has also helped them further their cause. They will in all probability maintain their top 10 spot next season as well as they are looking to secure their 6th league title in the last 7 years.

5  Manchester City

Manchester City finished at the fifth spot at the end of last seson of the English Premier League and they have retained their spot on the Money League list at fifth this year.They had a net increase of 41.4 million euros in their revenue which is the lowest increase by any club in the top 10 which goes to show that Manchester City still has a lot of ground left to cover. Given their achievements this year comprising of winning the English Premier League by the biggest margin ever and reaching the quarter finals stage of the UEFA Champions league they have little to show for it. They made around 265.7 million euros from commercial sources, 238.8 million euros came from broadcast rights, while just 63.9 million euros came from matchday earnings. They have secured deals with Nexen Tire as well as Gatorade and Amazon to boost their revenue. They have a collective revenue of 568.4 million euros in the 2018 season.

4  Bayern Munich

The 6 million euros mark is something special and Bayern Munich has become the 4th club ever to surpass that mark. They have been rooted to the 4th spot on the Money League list for the past three years Their revenue increased by a sum of 41.4 million euros getting their previous tally from 587.8 million euros in the 2017 season to 629.2 million euros in the 2018 season. They have secured the top spot in the Bundesliga becoming the 2017-18 champions while reaching the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League. They earn almost double the revenue of their closest league rival Borussia Dortmund. They have collected 348.7million euros came from commercial sources, 176.7million euros from broadcast rights, and 103.8million euros from matchday earnings.

3  Manchester United

Manchester United has been the top gun in the money League for a consecutive two years before this season. But they could not hold on to their position in 2018 and slipped to the third position despite a second place finish in the Premier League. They had rocky start to the season under Jose Mourinho but has since reovered a lot under caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, They have signed deals with Chevrolet and Adidas and has made sleeve deal with Kohler to boost their revenue. They have made 316.1million euros from commercial sources, 230.4million eurosfrom broadcast rights, and 119.5 million euros from matchday earnings.

2  FC Barcelona

They posted a 42.1 million euros growth in revenue over the year and that has helped FC Barcelona climb a spot in the Money league list. Their revenue in 2017 was 648.3 million euros which now stands at 69.4 million euros in 2018. They have obtained 322.6 million euros from commercial sources,  223 million euros from broadcast rights, and finally 144.8 million euros from matchday earnings. They have signed a deal with Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten and a new deal with Nike has seen a refurbished kit which looks to strengthen their revenue situation further. They have had a good last season winning their 3rd title in 4 years.

1 Real Madrid FC

Real Madrid is the first club in the history of Money league to cross the 75 million euros revenue mark. They have retained their position at the top of the list for a record 12th time. They were one upped my Manchester United in the previous two seasons but has since managed to climb their way back on top. They made a massive 76.3 million euros jump from 674.6 million euros in 2017 to 750.9 million euros in 2018. Their revenue generated came 356.2 million euros from commercial sources, 251.3 million euros from broadcast rights, and 143.4 million euros from matchday earnings. Their retention of the Uefa Champions league has also played a part in helping them take the top spot on the list. There is a massive gap of about 6.5 million euros between them and closest rivals Barcelona.