Records of Cristiano Ronaldo that may never been broken

  1. Scoring 300 goals in the La Liga in only 286 matches:

The Portuguese superstar has been simply phenomenal ever since his move from Manchester United to Real Madrid. He has been a goal machine in the most literal terms and it is such a delight to watch him play. Ronaldo joined Madrid in the year 2009 and ever since then, his performances in front of the goal have been amazing. He has been scoring at a rate of more than a goal per game from a long time now and it is this rate which helped him to score 300 goals in the La Liga in just 286 appearances. It is very difficult to achieve given the toughness of the Spanish league at this speed and also because of the fact that only one more player other than Ronaldo has managed to score more than 300 goals in the league in all these years.

  1. Scoring 50 league goals for 6 consecutive seasons:

As mentioned earlier, Ronaldo has been nothing short of a legend at Madrid ever since he moved to Spain. In his stellar career at Madrid, he has gone on to make plenty of records with the Los Blancos but nothing can beat the record of scoring more than 50 league goals for 6 seasons on a roll. From the 2010-11 season to the 2015-16 season, Ronaldo went on to score 53, 60, 55, 51, 61 and 51 goals in those six consecutive seasons which is a record that even the great Lionel Messi hasn’t been able to compete with in spite of playing for more time in the La Liga than Ronaldo has.

  1. Winning every possible trophy individually and with the team with two different teams:

It is true that Ronaldo has won more trophies after moving to Real Madrid but one cannot forget what he achieved at Manchester United, the club that made him the player he is today. May it be the Ballon d’Or, Golden Boot, Champions League, domestic league, domestic cup, World Cup Championship, World Player of the Year etc., he has won it all with both Manchester United and Real Madrid, which is something unbelievable. Let along winning it with two different teams, it has become difficult for a player to win it all with a single club with the competition around. Only Lionel Messi comes close to it since he has won it all with Barcelona but other than that no one is currently close enough to break this record.