Ray Wilkins handed 4 year ban for Drink Driving

Ray Wilkins, a former Chelsea and Manchester United star and England International, having represented England eighty-four times, has been handed a four-year ban from driving and ordered to carry out one hundred and forty hours community service, following his arrest while driving his car. Wilkins, fifty-nine and a self-confessed alcoholic, was seen driving his Mercedes car in the middle of a bus lane on the A4 in London. The incident happened on the 1st July, during which Wilkins was seen striking the kerb in his car as well as drinking from a bottle of alcohol while trying to do a U-turn. Wilkins was arrested and breathalysed, and he was found to be three times over the limit.

3500Ray Wilkins has openly admitted he has a drinking problem and is currently undergoing a residential rehabilitation course at the Priory Hospital in Woking. When Wilkins appeared in court, he told the District Judge, Tim Boswell, that “abstinence is the only way I can control this situation”. Wilkin’s lawyer Sarah-Kate McIntyre told the press that her client was “ashamed and embarrassed” to be in the dock. Wilkins has already been convicted twice of previous drink driving crimes and now this is his third conviction if he doesn’t stop the next step will be to imprison him, a step nobody wishes to see happen.

Having been sentenced, Wilkins appeared outside the court and spoke to the media. “I will be judged on the crime I have committed, and that is 100% right. I only ask I will not be judged on the alcohol problem I have. I am an addict. I know I need help, and I am doing all I can to get back on track and resolve this situation.”