Pep Guardiola wants beautiful football.

Manchester City’s new Manager Pep Guardiola has made it quiet clear what he expects from his squad come the start of the new Premier League season, and he wants “beautiful football”.

The former Bayern Munich manager told the press that he wanted to come to England to prove to everyone that is is possible to play the beautiful game and not resort to the thuggery and brutality so accustomed to the Premier League. The Spaniard has had a glittering managerial career at Bayern and Barcelona and now wants to get used to the new challenge ahead, and he doesn’t mean the football “I never played on a Boxing Day. I have never been to a stadium where it is windy and freezing, and the pitch is not good. It’s a target for me. I’m here to prove myself and prove I can play _90467171_peprtrs2the same way.”

Things didn’t go exactly to plan for Guardiola as they were beaten in his first game in charge by his former club Bayern Munich. Although in fairness both teams were missing several players in this friendly fixture. When Guardiola spoke to the press about his determination to play the style of football that has brought his so much success he said “Simple, When we have the ball, we want them to move it as quick as possible and create as many chances as possible,” added the former Barcelona player, who denied this will be his toughest managerial test yet. “I am just focusing on my players and what they have to do on the pitch, which is why I decided to come here. In the Champions League with Barcelona and Bayern Munich, we came to England a lot, and we always thought ‘wow’. It’s a target for me and a personal ambition of mine to prove myself here.”