Mayweather reveals nothing

Mayweather v McGregor Interview with Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather was recently interviewed about the big fight, and the question on everyone’s lips were what is the cut for the fight and how much is everyone expected to make. Now we know the fight is on the one thing we all are interested in is how much will “Money” Mayweather make and how much will Conor McGregor make. Many have guessed at what the cut will be with some suggesting that Mayweather could be taking as much as 80% of the purse. During the interview, Mayweather was repeatedly asked what his cut would be and what Conor McGregor cut be? But he refused to answer simply saying all parties are happy with their %.


Mayweather Defends the fight

Mayweather was also forced to defend the fight during the interview. Several times it was suggested this is not a real fight, one leading boxing commentator has even suggested that it is more of a circus than a fight. Now it is true however these days boxing and combat sport in generally is all about the hype and personalities on the show, the greater the hype, the more the pay per view figures come in. Between them, these two are the biggest personalities in there sports and both attract huge PPV numbers, Conor McGregor turns every interview and press conference into a performance so it could be said it is a circus. As Mayweather said though the fans demanded this fight and everyone wants to be entertained, the hype is included in that and I expect McGregor will entertain us with this. The fight itself could turn out to be a let down though I feel, it’s unlikely to be a spectacle Mayweather fights never are, that coupled with the fact McGregor lacks the real skills to box I don’t expect a lot.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor Odds

The fight and the odds show just what a one-sided affair this is, Mayweather is 1/6 to win the fight with McGregor best odds of 6/1 to win. This shows the real gulf in class, and even though Mayweather is 12 years the senior, is 1 inch shorter and has 2 inches less reach he is still the superior and more experienced boxer. I expect him to dictate the fight from start to finish, so he deserves his 1/6 price. If you want better odds of the fight Paddy Power and Betfair are offering huge odds for the fight, they are offering Floyd Mayweather at enhanced odds of 20/1 and Conor McGregor at enhanced odds of 40/1. To check these odds out you will need to go over to, you can check the Conor McGregor, and Floyd Mayweather enhanced odds at SBAT.