How Jose Mourinho can step up Manchester United’s title challenge

5. Playing both Lukaku and Zlatan upfront

There is no doubt that both Zlatan and Lukaku are both dangerous playing as a single striker but the trend has changed in the Premier League. The opposition has gone defensive more than often, and with a lone striker, it has sometimes been very difficult to penetrate the opposition defence. Lukaku has been isolated quite a few times this season, and it is best that Jose opts to play both Zlatan and Lukaku together to make it trickier for the opposition to mark and defend. Get 50/1 for a goal to be scored in the Premier League


4. Mkhitaryan and Mata are better off the bench

It has been difficult to choose between Martial and Rashford this season for Jose Mourinho and the same can be said for both Mkhitaryan and Mata but different reasons. Both Mata and Mkhitaryan are yet to reach their best form this season, and it would be a lot more deadly if Martial and Rashford are used more often. With Zlatan and Lukaku up front, both the wingers can provide better supply and thereby help United score more goals.


3. Use youngsters on the wings

With Zlatan and Lukaku both available for the striker position, it is only wise to use both Martial and Rashford on the wings. They are young and have plenty to offer with their insane pace and abilities on the ball. United have looked better when both these youngsters have started, and it would also add a more psychological problem for the opposition in stopping both these men. Both of them have 10 goals and 7 assists them this season, and it can only get better with time.


2. Give Pogba the license

It is no secret that United are a much dangerous side when they have Pogba playing. The Frenchman is arguably one of the best midfielders in the league, and it has been difficult to contain him. Playing alongside Matic, Pogba has done well, but it can get better if he is allowed to go forward more than often rather than invested in doing his defensive duties time and again. It can be on the same lines as City play with Fernandinho and Kevin De Bruyne with a free-flowing role.


1. Better off the ball movements

We have seen Jose opt for a defensive style of football especially when playing against the bigger teams. It hasn’t gone down well as far as the results are concerned and it is not because of the defensive mindset but primarily because of the lack of movement off the ball. Players are caught in a deeper position more than often, offering very little in support to the attacking players. Also, better off the ball movements can be vital in breaking strong defensive sides as we have frequently seen in the Premier League.