Football clubs with the most followers on Social Media

  1. Manchester City:

The Blue side of Manchester has revolutionized itself since the takeover by the Abu Dhabi group. With Pep Guardiola as their manager, City have only managed to increase their fanbase in the last two years and currently they have 42.8 million followers on the social media.


  1. Juventus FC:

The Old Lady is one of the largest and finest clubs in the world. Juventus have won the Serie A 33 times and kept its huge fanbase satisfied more than often. Their constant success on and off the field has been very beneficial for the club as it currently has 44.5 million followers on the social media.


  1. Liverpool:

The Merseyside club has struggled to win the Premier League from a long time now but it still is one of the biggest clubs in England. Having won 5 Champions League and 18 Premier League titles, Liverpool have a rich successful history but their supporters surely would love to win a silverware in the near future. Liverpool have 44.9 million followers on the social media.


  1. Paris Saint Germain:

The French team has come a long way to become one of the most impressive teams in the world. Having secured the signatures of Neymar and Mbappe this summer, PSG have gained a lot of new followers which in total makes 50.2 million followers for the French club.


  1. Bayern Munich:

Bayern is the most successful club in Germany as it has been dominating the Bundesliga from a long time now. Having been sponsored by a number of well known companies worldwide, the Bavarian club is quite popular around the world and has a following of 58.8 million on the social media.


  1. Arsenal:

The Gunners have been through a rough patch lately but that hasn’t seen any effect on the following of the club. Arsenal still remain one of the biggest clubs in England and deserve a lot of credit for what Arsene Wenger and the club have achieved finally. The North London club has 60.4 million followers on the social media.


  1. Chelsea:

Jose Mourinho has played a significant part in helping Chelsea get the recognition with both his spells with the London club. Chelsea have become a massive club and regular title contenders especially with Roman Abramovich’s ownership. Their recent success in England and Europe has only helped them increase their fanbase as Chelsea now have 69.2 million followers on the social media.


  1. Manchester United:

Manchester United is the most popular English club on the social media as it has a following of 110.3 million. With the appointment of Jose Mourinho and stellar signings like Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alexis Sanchez, United are getting more attention and following, increasing their brand value and doing amazingly well commercially.


  1. Barcelona:

The Spanish giants have always been competing with Real Madrid both on and off the field. Until recently, Barcelona were leading the race with all the following until they lost their Brazilian starlet Neymar to PSG. Their following did take a dip since then but not significant enough to push them down from the top two. Barcelona have 184.6 million followers on the social media.


  1. Real Madrid:

The Los Blancos had amazing last two seasons especially with the Champions League victories but they have been struggling this season. Nevertheless, Madrid are one of the strongest and largest football club in the world. Their popularity is huge and Cristiano Ronaldo takes a lot of credit for that. Madrid have a following of 189.1 million on the social media.