We’re not totally sure where the word football came from, but what we can be certain about is its popularity across the world today. Here you’ll find a wealth of information about this popular ball game.

Football is the most popular sport is the world and is played by millions of people on a daily basis. Here we will look at how the sport started in ancient Greek and Roman times and how the rules have changed over the years, including how the school system in Britain shaped the game.

Some of the other topics which are covered on these pages include how to create a successful football team, the benefits that football can bring to a community and how it changes lives and also a short history of some of football’s most important organizations and events, FIFA and the World Cup.

If you want to get into football there is also some information on the process that you must go through, detailing how you should get as much experience as possible and hopefully get noticed by a talent scout. We will also take a look at some of the world’s best stadiums, which include the home of Real Madrid, Barcelona and of course Manchester United’s Old Trafford.

No matter whether you’re looking for some information on where to see a great football game or you’re interested in the history of the transfer system in the football world, take a browse and be fascinated by the crazy history of the world’s most popular sport and game.