5 ways in which Cristiano Ronaldo can help Juventus win the Champions League

  1. Juventus’ dominance in the Serie A:

Juventus have been a massive force in the Serie A especially from the last seven years. The Old Lady has emerged as league champions consecutively for the last seven seasons. It is just not the Serie A but in the last seven seasons, Juventus have won 6 Supercoppa Italiano and 4 Coppa Italia titles too. In spite of the fact that Napoli posed a strong title challenge last season, Juventus came out victorious. This only signifies Juventus’s strength in the Serie A and it will only help to Ronaldo settle in well with the Italian side.

  1. His flexibility:

The Portuguese superstar has been an immense star no matter where he went. He was a growing star at Lisbon, he became an incredible talent at Manchester United and was a leading sensation at Real Madrid. The toughness or the physicality of the league or for that matter, any other obstacle in a different league has never stopped Ronaldo from shining and it is his own abilities that will once again help him do well in the Serie A too.

  1. His desire:

The former Manchester United winger has achieved almost everything in his football career and in spite of that, there is this strong desire and willpower that instigates him to do better. In the medical tests held before being confirmed as a Juventus player, it was learnt that the Portuguese captain has the fitness of a 20-year old at the age of 33. Ronaldo is a hard-working professional and with the efforts he puts in, it is only understandable that he will be doing well in the Serie A using that.

  1. Massimiliano Allegri:

The Italian manager has done exceptionally well in the Serie A, helping Juventus to dominate the league for consecutive years. Allegri is regarded as one of the best managers in the world right now and we have seen what the Italian can do with his tactics and planning. Having a player like Ronaldo would only strengthen Juventus’ attack and as seen with Zidane, Ronaldo seems to have a very good understanding with his manager. It is a partnership that can be lethally brutal and can take Juventus go a long way in both the Serie A and the Champions League.

  1. Players around him:

It is true that very few teams in Europe will have a strong bunch of players as Real Madrid does but Juventus isn’t far behind in that list. With players like Paulo Dybala, Claudio Marchisio, Miralem Pjanic, Sami Khedira, Juan Cuadrado etc. around, Ronaldo can only benefit from their support. To add, Juventus have one of the best defence in Europe to provide stability at the back. His link up with Dybala will be very crucial to Juventus’ chance of doing well and it is a very interesting prospect to look forward this summer.