5 reasons why Neymar should join Real Madrid

  • Ligue 1 cannot live up to Neymar’s expectations

Ligue 1 is often bantered upon as Farmer’s league, which is not the case all the time, but it isn’t the most challenging league in Europe as well. When Neymar got injured midway through the season, PSG showed no sign of playing without their marquee player and won the league with handful of matches left, and their title defence never looked to be threatened.

Second placed Monaco lost to PSG by 18 points, and they were never in this competition since the start of 2017/18 campaign. Neymar won Ligue 1 player of the year where he played 20 matches, scored 19 times and add to that 13 assists.

To compete in Europe and to be a challenger for the UCL trophy, Neymar needs to play in a more competitive environment, and La Liga is proving to be just that with the smaller teams creating menace against the likes of Barcelona and the two teams from Madrid.


  • Neymar’s childhood dream

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to the Cules because when Neymar was playing in the FIFA age group tournaments, he said that Real Madrid was his dream team. Philippe Coutinho of Barcelona shared the same dream, although he has just joined Barca and Madrid aren’t interested in his services as of now.

Neymar could go on to play for his boyhood dream club and make history by being the rarest of players to ply their trade both for Barcelona and Real Madrid. However, the El Clasico would become interesting as to whether the Barcelona fans would forgive and move on or repeat the Figo fiasco.


  • Real Madrid’s UCL winning propensity

It is the rarest of thing in football where a team would be saving their faces by winning one of the most coveted cups of all time instead of winning domestic honours. Usually it is the other way around, but not for the men from Madrid. Therefore, Neymar will have a serious shot at winning the Ballon D’or, a trophy that has been shared by Ronaldo and Messi for the past decade.

Real will be challenging for the UCL again next year, and on 26th of May they could make history by winning it three consecutive times. Neymar will keep a close eye on the game, and would also love to be aided by the magical Madrid midfield.


  • Neymar’s chance of becoming the World’s best

Neymar is a complete package already, and his abilities are beyond human. However, the zeal to be the best is yet to be shown by the Brazilian and if he ends up at Real Madrid he can never be sure of his place considering Real’s amazing bench strength. He would need to compete against Vazquez and Asensio, Real’s two prized assets. Gareth Bale could also be another man fighting against Neymar to be Real’s main man if he doesn’t sought for a transfer this upcoming season.


Ronaldo may be 33, but with the way he is playing Neymar will have a huge job in his hand to replicate his heroics. The ever demanding Bernabeu crowd will intimidate him, but the Brazilian knows all of it, and this will only increase his hunger to be the best in the World.


  • Real Madrid want him

Florentino Perez has often being mocked as a maniac shopping for the best players at an exorbitant price, but the trend has changed somewhat and with Zidane at the helm of things, Real now focus on youth talent more than anything. However, Ronaldo is 33, Benzema is 30, and Modric is 32 and Bale hasn’t been their brightest star yet.

For a team like Madrid, it is always important to challenge for the most prized assets and despite an enviable bench they will lack the face and the talisman soon. Neymar could be that man, and Perez has already commented that for Neymar to win the Ballon D’or he will need to join Madrid and head coach Zidane is in awe of Neymar and rates him highly. Clear signs, eh?