5 players Real Madrid must off load during summer 2019

Marco Asensio

Marco Asensio is naturally a left wing player and until last season CristianoROnaldo’s preferred spot for starting was the same. With Ronaldo leaving for Juventus this season it opened up opportunities for Marco Asensio. The 23 year old Spanish international burst on to the footballing scene in 2016 scoring decisive goals for Madrid on their way to Champions League and La Liga victory including one in the finals against Juventus. He also raised the expectations scoring two goals in the Spanish Super Cup victory over Barcelona. Ronaldo’s departure was therefore in a way a clear path for Marco Asensio to emerge as a first team regular. His position was the exact same as Ronaldo’s and in his absence would be the logical choice to guide Real Madrid into the post Ronaldo era. But his floundering form in the recent past has found him cast out of the first team.

Early into the season the words on the street was that it was not Asensio’s duty to lead the team which did not go down well with some of the fans who argued that this was clear indication towards his inability to becoming a great leader sometime in the future. He has had a dismal performance this season with him scoring just 1 goal and creating two assists in 17 La Liga fixtures this season. Since Vinicus Jr.’s improvement Asensio has found himself constantly out of the first team with Real Madrid still toying with the idea of bringing in French superstar KylianMbappe.


Luka Modric

Some would consider it blasphemous to include Luka Modrics name in the list with him being the current Balond’Or and FIFA Best Winner. But we cannot let previous achievements cloud our judgement. Luka Modric has been an immensely useful player for the Galacticos scoring and assisting in every way possible with his form in the middle of the park. Since his arrival from Tottenham in 2012 he has been a first team regular due to his uncanny ability to dictate the play and control the tempo of the matches. But the fact remains that Modric will be turning 34 the next season and he despite his brilliance cannot last forever. Modric has been at the pinnacle of his performance holding his own for 15 years but has recently shown signs of decline with him failing to assert his presence in a match. He has looked immobile in a lot of matches while Real Madrid got overrun in the centre.

Luka Modric has been at the top of the boards for a long time now and by the law of diminishing returns he has no where else to go other than down. With that being said other prospects could be given the chance to prove themselves if the Galacticos part ways with the Balon d’Or winner.



This is a name as surprising as the last with the Brazilian being one of the best in the squad for a decade. He was preceded in that position by Roberto Carlos from whom he inherited the spot for both club and country and he has not let the legacy of his predecessor down and has held down the duties of his position with aplomb. His searching runs and immaculate delivery has time and again proved to be too much for opponents to handle on field. The 31 year old left back has been a regular first team performer since his 2007 debut for the Los Blancos and has been key to a lot of Real Madrid’s success in the past. He has shared a great chemistry with former Real Madrid star player Cristiano Ronaldo both on and off the field. But with age his speed has faltered and though his attacking impetus is formidable on its own his role as a defensive player gets precedence. In the recent past he has been caught out of position a lot struggling to get back to position which was evident from Real Madrid’s performance in the starting of the season with their incessant attacks putting huge pressure on an already depleted backline. Marcelo has been linked to a move away from Madrid with some speculating that he plans to rejoin Ronaldo at Juventus . Marcelo has also lost his first team spot to Sergio Reguilon and the 22 year old Real Madrid players recent performance is indication that he is ready to inherit the spot from Marcelo.



Isco is undeniably one of the most skilful players on the Real Madrid bench and on his day he would destroy opponents with his outstanding technique and his ability to dictate the tempo of the matches. But inspite of him being a great talent Isco is also infact very inconsistent. He blows hot and cold and a brilliant spell might be followed up by a spell of inactivity with the club supporters not really sure which Isco would turn upwhen Real Madrid take to the field. He is one of the main reasons for the sacking of JulenLopetegui and has fallen heavily out of favour with his successor Santiago Solari. Since Solari’s appointment Isco has mainly started on the bench playing cup matches which has increased the speculation that he might be leaving in the next transfer window. The Spanish international has drawn a lot of flak from the Galacticos supporters and it seems unlikely that he would have any luck with the club in the near future.

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is the former highest paid player in football history and his sterling performances and game controlling abilities is what made Perez splurge such a massive amount of cash for the Welshman. But since his arrival at the club he has always been in the shadows of the great Cristiano Ronaldo and has failed to affect the team in any way. This is understandable as Ronaldo’s association and control on the side is far reach and to try to one up that is an exercise in futility. With Ronaldo’s departure Gareth Bale was supposed to benefit a lot with him getting the clear path to becoming Real Madrid’s main man. He could have been the one around whom the team could be builtas it was in Tottenham and in the Welsh national team.

But contrary to expectations Gareth Bale’s performance has been nothing short of shoddy with him being the one most responsible for Real Madrid’s disastrous run at the beginning of the season. He has been inconsistent and frequently found himself out of the playing 11 due to injury and that has found him representing his team for a mere 17 times in the La Liga. Solari also does not have him available due to him being prone to injury. In the 17 matches he played he has scored 5 goals and produced 2 assists which is dismal considering him being Ronaldo’s replacement after his departure. Solari in the recent past has opted to put Bale on the bench preferring a frontline consisting of Lucas Vasquez, Vinicus Jr. and Karim Benzema. Given the situation it might be the best in both their interests to end their association.