4 things to know about new Barcelona signing Malcolm

  1. Initial days as a footballer:

Malcolm was first noticed when he was giving impressive performances with his futsal team at the age of 10 in 2007. This helped him to earn a spot in a special trial for Corinthians which saw Malcolm participate along with 400 other kids. It is then when he stood out amongst all those participating and was the only one to be accepted for Corinthians’ U-11s team. It was a remarkable achievement at such a young age.

  1. Friends and football idols:

It is only natural that Malcolm was a big football fan from a young age. He worshipped his fellow compatriots Neymar and Robinho as he grew up as both of them are Santos legends. His closest friend has been with him since his childhood as both of them progressed and developed through the youth side of the Corinthians. His closes friend’s name is Guillermo Arana and currently he resides in Sevilla.

  1. Two Brazil coaches contributed in his development:

While growing up, two Brazilian coaches were responsible for making Malcolm the player he is now. It was Mano Menezes who saw the fire and talent in Malcolm to give him a well-deserved spot in Corinthians’ starting XI, which saw the youngster, make his debut in 2014 for the Brazilian side. Having played 20 matches that season, Malcolm went on to score twice in his debut season. There on, Malcolm went on to meet current Brazil’s coach Tite. It didn’t take time for Malcolm to become Tite’s favorite. Tite showed the utmost faith in the youngster and believed he’s set for big things in his football career. The bond between Malcolm and Tite was a unique one which saw them won the league together.

  1. Difficult childhood:

The Brazilian youngster was named after Malcolm X. In the history of the United States there came a tense period and it was during this period that the world witnessed Malcolm X as one of the most famous civil rights leaders for the African-Americans. This name certainly goes with the lifestyle Malcolm has had during his childhood. Growing up in the poorest district of Sao Paulo, the Brazilian had to suffer a lot at a young age. He did though receive some help from his grandmother who took efforts and sold dishes to fund the bus tickets for her adorable grandson. In spite of being very good at football and getting to play with Corinthians at a very young age, his struggled carried on as Malcolm lived quite far from where the Corinthians training base was. Seeing Malcolm now play for Barcelona must be a proud moment for both the youngster and his family.